Gallery 2

             Sold Work

          Greg Stogner

(SOLD)  10,616 (Grid series) Approximate
(SOLD) Falling Tides 36x46 acrylics on p
(SOLD) Subterranean Garden 34x36 acrylic
(SOLD) Symbol Generator (Grid series) 40
(SOLD) Fragments In Blue 36 x 40 acrylic
(SOLD) SubterraneanArch 30x 36 acrylic o
(SOLD) Primal Waters 54x54 acrylics on p
(SOLD) Liquid Thoughts 24x 28 acrylics o
(SOLD) Let the Dry Land Appear 60x60 acr
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(SOLD) Ebb and Flow 37x48 acrylics on ca
(SOLD) Infinite Road 40x 69 acrylics on
(SOLD) Isabels Colors 36x48 acrylics on
(SOLD) Vortex 20x16 acrylics on canvas
(SOLD) Subterranean Dream 24x 24 acrylic
(SOLD) Subterranean Veil 20x16 acrylics
(SOLD) Spring 24x20 acrylics on canvas
(SOLD) Subterranean    Chamber    40 x 2
(SOLD) Solar lands b 22 x 20 acrylic on
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(SOLD) Sinking Sun24x24 acrylics on canv
(SOLD) Icon 37x 23 acrylics on panel
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