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      Artist - Painter

Greg L. Stogner.jpg

          Greg is a contemporary painter with a Master's degree in art from California State University Fullerton.  He creates both abstract and pop images.  His works reflect popular culture and his love for the natural world.  Describing some of his latest work, he uses the term Popstraction, combining elements of Pop Art with elements of abstraction.  His techniques involve a striking attention to detail. Greg relishes discussing his work and considers input, even incorporating a small drawing by one of his granddaughters into a recent painting.  Other symbols and images representing his family and himself find their way into Greg's work, secrets to be uncovered by the observant, adding another layer of meaning to work rich in detail and ever- intriguing to both eye and mind.  He is represented by the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art, Laguna Beach, CA, and Middle Ridge Gallery, Idyllwild, California. Greg's residence and studio are located in Menifee, California.

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